10 Years with Jessica

On 5 August, 2017 marked as the 10th Debut Anniversary for my beloved Jessica Jung. For this special occasion, i was glad to be invited to collaborate with amazing people to work with two projects for J.

Firstly, Joie De Vivre, also known as Jessica 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Bangkok, i was so excited when i first heard about this. When the organizing team from Jessica Jung Thailand asked for my videos during the past years to be displayed in the exhibition, i couldn't agreed more to them and was very willing to give more than asked.

The exhibition held on the anniversary date, though i was working on that day, after i finished my work and left early with the support from my great coworkers (Thanks again). I arrived just in time before they closed up the events. The exhibition is beautiful, despite the size, its display showcased the picture of many beautiful sides of Jessica Jung from airports, stages, events and more. I've just discovered that they even had the projector exclusively for the video that i'd taken. Too bad the display quality couldn't match the one in the video but also bring out the best atmosphere to me. Apart from the photo and the video, also had some of her magazine and merchandise from Blanc & Eclare on display. Any golden star would have a good time here, the feedback is so great that i felt happy for everyone behind this.

Next, The #10YearsWithJessica YouTube In-Stream Video Ads campaign that will run through a month featuring a video showcase many roles of Jessica Jung through out this decade with a link to Jessica page on Coridel Entertainment website. I was asked by friends from JUNGSIS.com that they want to run this campaign since there's a past case that is quite successful one and also want to run this campaign again to celebrate the anniversary and promote Jessica's 3rd mini-album that will be out on this 9th of August ❤️

As i used to work in website production and had some knowledge in Adwords. I lent a hand to help with the campaign setting and tracking.
Now the ads had been running in

  • Taiwan
  • Hongkong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Philippine
  • California & New York, USA

with around 3k+ impressions/days, we estimate around 100k+ impression view at the end of the campaign. I will also give the summary reports to update the in-detailed results.

My most happiness is that Jessica has noticed all of the fan projects and posted them to her Instagram Stories recently and also left comments on some of the projects' instagram post. Such a sweet and lovely person, i couldn't ask for anything more.

Please give her albums a lot of love and support, not only she has an beautiful mind, also gifted with an angelic voice that will blessed your ears. You will never support a wrong person, Thank you for reading!

With love,