About F²ai

F²ai, or Ruchida Pithaksiripan, is a Thai computer engineering graduate who found her passion in hospitality industries especially on coffee & wine.

Borned in Lampang, Thailand on 1989. At 13 years old, she moved to Bangkok and had her high school years in Triam Udom Suksa School following her father and uncle. There, she learnt programming and started to like coding more and more, joining school computer clubs for 3-years straight and participated in POSN computer olympics camp for 2 times. Then she continued her interests in technology studied Computer & Network Engineer at Assumption University.

Then during her university years, she had opportunities to travel to many countries, learn about culture and people. Also, she started working part-time in a cafe to experience the people in her last academic year and falling in love with coffee beans and its people.

Apart from the cafe, she used to work for social enterprise to promote the health innovation and STEM education. Gave her many interests to develop for social goods and the skills to quickly learn new things and communicate with all kind of people to solve the right problems in our society.

Now F²ai is working as a barista in a certain well-known coffee-chain as the last 10 feet to pass on the coffee knowledge from the farmers and producers to her beloved customers while continues to learn deeper about the coffee and its culture.

On her free time, she always travels to experience the new culture and inspiration around the globe, following what her favorite idol, Jessica Jung always say,

Follow Your Heart ♥️

Here, F²ai is recorded her journal and what she learnt, hoping this string of texts and images will help entertain or enlighten you in some ways, Thank you for your time and enjoy reading.